Danny Has Screen Time Trouble

Danny finds an enticing game on his mother’s phone … and is soon introduced to an even more exciting fighting game. This is fast! This is fun! This feels real! Danny begins to play more and still more, until his sleep, eating and schoolwork start to suffer.
With a little help Danny learns about the troubles of too much screen time and how to find a better balance.


Also available on Amazon as an e-book.

Danny goes to BIG SCHOOL

Danny has turned 6 and BIG SCHOOL is around the corner … it’s a family tradition to go to Oak Primary. This feels daunting and scary and formal … and he is reluctant to leave the comforting, playful environment of Acorn Pre-Primary, his kindergarten.

But he soon learns that big school is lots of fun and that most learning still happens through play! He was more than ready to tackle this new stage of education after all.


Also available on Amazon as an e-book.

Danny goes to the doctor

Four-year-old Danny has raging tonsillitis and needs a visit to the doctor – a rather daunting prospect-but finely Dr Joe puts him at ease soon… and it’s not so bad after all!

A delightful rhyming book that is bound to relieve anxiety and convince kids that their trip to the doctor doesn’t have to be scary!

Danny has an operation

Oh no! Tonsillitis again! This time little Danny needs an operation- a tonsillectomy. This is frightening…but, with a bit of explanation and reassurance and a team of lovely doctors and nurses, Danny gets through the operation and recovery seamlessly.

This delightful rhyming story, written by a paediatrician, is aimed at reducing the fear and “unknown” factor associated with operations in little children.

Food Allergies in a Nutshell

“Food Allergies in a Nutshell” is written by a paediatric allergist and a dietician as a comprehensive guide to living with food allergies. This simple yet thorough book provides up-to-date information to help readers understand the many aspects of food allergies as well as the common misconceptions around food allergies.

From mechanisms of food allergy, through to prevention, label reading, communication with schools and airlines, nutritional substitutes for allergens and emergency management of reactions- this book covers it all.

Mona and the Corona

A delightful rhyming story to help children (and their parents!) understand the current pandemic. Written by Paediatrician Prof Claudia Gray and Illustrated by Sarita Kruger.