1. COVID-19 vaccines were developed miraculously fast via worldwide collaboration. Despite the speed of development, they have been tested in 1000’s and 1000’s of people: in fact they’ve been more extensively investigated than many other commonly-used medications! They have passed all the safety specifications of stringent regulatory bodies.
  2. COVID-19 vaccines work by stimulating your immune system to produce a harmless part of the virus, which prompts your immune system to create a good “army” of antibodies and cells to fight the real virus.
  3. COVID-19 vaccine work! They cannot prevent all COVID infections (no vaccine works 100%), but recent studies have shown fantastic protection against severe disease, hospitalization (over 80% protection) and death (95%+ protection)!
    Recent COVID-19-related deaths worldwide have been almost exclusively in the unvaccinated.


  1. COVID-19 vaccines can give you COVID.
    NO– it is a harmless part of the virus that stimulates your immune system!
  2. COVID-19 vaccines change your genetic material:
    NO– no vaccine can do this! If you’d like to change your genetic material, choose different parents or have a stem cell transplant.
  3. COVID-19 vaccines frequently cause serious side effects.
    NO! Serious side effects have been described (as they are for ALL medications), – but these are exceptionally rare and patients generally recover fully. Your chances of being seriously ill/ dying are much higher in everyday activities of driving in a car, taking the contraceptive pill or even choking on food! Let’s put this in perspective. Catching COVID, on the other hand, can cause a MULTITUDE of serious effects.
  4. Covid-19 vaccines cause infertility
    NO there is NO evidence of this! They are even deemed safe in pregnancy (preferably after 13 weeks).

Please listen to scientists, not hearsay. Vaccines are the most effective way to save lives and normalize our lives again.