Dear Covid

A few nights ago you took our buddy away from us, a devoted husband and heroic father to an exuberant 10 year old boy, who will now never be as exuberant again. You took him swiftly, emphatically, petrified and alone in a hospital bed surrounded by machines, not family.
The night after his passing, as I sat, double masked, with the widow and son sobbing in my arms, the little boy remarked that the “sandwich” usually formed in bed around him by mum on one side, dad on the other, was broken. Why?

Covid, you’ve destroyed enough sandwiches now, on so many levels. You’ve cut up families, sliced human contact, taken the filling out of many people’s economics, squashed education, taken the wrapper off our wholeness. We are tired now. And tearful. And hungry for normality. Please go away now.

Dear Government

Like so many others, I have put my neck out to support your recommendations and promote solid advice and evidence. Your healthcare workers have been brave and selfless, going in to work daily, doing what they can to protect lives, despite putting themselves at risk. We have kept and surpassed our side of the deal. But have you?

We know you are trying hard with the vaccination programme- but it’s too late for our buddy. Too little, too slow. He fought unvaccinated. Unprotected. Alone and unarmed in his fight.

Dear fellow humans

Please take this seriously. Delta is devastating. Avoid big groups, plan outside activities if possible. Stick to those you know. Swab if in doubt. Wear your mask fastidiously, even if it feels uncool. Get vaccinated as soon as you have the opportunity to- it’s our only hope.

We all need to play our part in recreating the very wholeness of the sandwich of life.