This article was published in 2019- so is not the very latest-but has been rated as one of the top articles of 2019.

Books are becoming more and more available in electronic form- including children’s books. The parent-toddler interactions (verbal and non-verbal) during the reading of electronic books in comparison to printed books had never been formally studied before this particular study. This study researched 37 parent-toddler dyads and measures their verbal and non- verbal interactions whilst reading basic electronic books, enhanced electronic books (with animations or sounds) and printed books.

Results: Parents and toddlers showed significantly more book-related verbalisations and interactions with print book format in comparison to electronic books.

Conclusions: We should continue to promote good old-fashioned shared reading of print books with our children, especially in toddlers and young children!

Publication: Tiffany Munzer et al. Differences in Parent-Toddler Interactions with Electronic versus print books. Pediatrics April 2019